Ticket Home starts with asking a hospital patient “What do you need?” We then work with them, their family and carers to make sure everything is in place for when they go home from hospital.

This can range from a simple key safe installation for easier access, through to providing hot meals and sandwich teas while they recover at home. Every patient discharged receives a 48 hour follow up phone call, and weekly telephone wellbeing checks for up to six weeks, if wanted.

We are working with #voluntarysector partners across Uttlesford, Harlow and Epping Forest to ensure that residents can continue to live independently in their own home, for as long as they wish. We also work with GP surgeries and #SocialPrescribers to ensure continuing care and understanding of needs going forward.

Ticket Home is currently available at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow as a pilot scheme, but fantastic results have lead to interest from other hospitals in Essex and we hope to extend to them soon.

In-patients or their family/carers can self-refer, by asking a member of the nursing staff or filling out our short online form. One of our four Acute Social Prescribing Link Workers (Mike, Yasmin, Maddie and Ali) will visit the patient on the ward to discuss what we can do, and how we can help. Ticket Home is a free service.

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