In everything we do we strive to be:

Enquiring and open to doing things differently.  We believe change starts with enquiry and a strong case for the need for change. Through research and purposeful enquiry, we will seek to identify local needs and be open to innovating.

Collaborative and inclusive, actively engaging with others.  We believe that we should actively work with others, bringing people together across the private, public and voluntary sector, acknowledging and valuing their individual and collective contribution.

Ethical, acting with integrity in the way we do business. We believe that we should be trustworthy, honest, open and transparent in all our dealings and leading by example.

Caring, kind and compassionate.  We believe that we should be empathetic, treating everyone with respect, being open whilst cherishing diversity and valuing everyone’s dignity.

Safe and efficient, ensuring that what we do is effective. We believe that we should be professional in our practice and service delivery and always make best possible use of available resources.