Volunteering is something that everyone can do, whatever your interests, wherever you live, whether you have a lot of time or just a little.

UCAN Volunteer Centre promotes, supports and develops volunteering within Uttlesford.
We provide individuals with information, advice and guidance to enable them to choose volunteering opportunities that meet their skills and interests.

We assist local charities and non-profit organisations supporting them to develop volunteering opportunities and volunteering programmes, sourcing suitable volunteers to meet their needs.


Matching volunteers with volunteering opportunities in suitable local organisations.


Promoting volunteer opportunities for non-profit organisations, acting as a brokerage service between them and volunteers.


Volunteers can give their time when they can – ‘Ad Hoc’ volunteering has no requirement for long-term commitment.
Opportunities may include: a short errand, helping out at a local event, an accompanied short walk or shopping trip, simple gardening, or any other ‘one off’ volunteering opportunities.


Sourcing and coordinating opportunities for Employees who have paid leave to volunteer.

UCAN Volunteer! Why not join us?

How to apply

Please call us on 01371 404525. We will match your interests and skills with the volunteer opportunities now available across Uttlesford.

Or email us at volunteer@ucan.org.uk and we can help you.