Support 4 Sight and partners would like to invite you to another of their award winning Zoom sessions showcasing the very best in Assistive Technology for people with sight loss

Sm@rt Technology’s systems of beacons and sensors use Bluetooth technology to enhance the lives of people with sight loss by giving them audible commands relating to their surroundings via a variety of sensors incorporated into the systems.

They can be alerted to objects that may pose a hazard and can be told what the object is so they are aware of the hazard. Also by using the Sm@rtVi app links to all kinds of technology can be achieved.

The session will go through several of their advanced technologies, including.

• SmartCane

• SmartWrist

• Smart Beacons

• Smart Toilet Beacon

• SmartCross Traffic light system

• SmartBus

• SmartApp VI

Smart Technology has many patents and designs continually improving the way a visually impaired person may experience their environment.

Thursday August 25th at 10.00 am, tell your friends and family!

Meeting details are as follows.

Zoom ID: 458 043 7872

For those without technology or the internet, you can join with your normal landline phone very easily, details below.


dial 0203 481 5237 and when asked put in the

Meeting ID: 458 043 7872

You might be asked to enter hash at the end also (bottom right button on phone dial).

The call may be charged at a local rate, however if like many people you have a free calls package it will probably be free, if in doubt please check with your phone provider.