It’s almost a year since we secured funding to enable the Community Response Hub to employ two dedicated Community Responders. The role of a responder is to help isolated and vulnerable Uttlesford residents to retain their independence and access help, support and services they might otherwise not be able benefit from

The range of support requests we have received from local people has been diverse to say the least – from arranging dog walking for people in hospital, to rehoming beloved animals when their owners could no longer care for them, through to getting residents out and about and feeling safe again through walking buddies activities and recovery groups post-COVID.

This week we had another unusual request, and one that Community Responder Andy came up with an inventive solution for! An elderly lady has been experiencing some problems with her vision recently, and while she still lives independently in her own home, she was growing increasingly worried about venturing outside and tripping over on the steps from her door, or the pavement outside. Andy assessed the walkways and while they were clear of removeable obstacles, there were some clear trip hazards. Discussing what would work best for the lady, he came up with the solution of popping off to buy a large can of white lining paint, and set about marking out all the edges on the property. He also created a long line along the edge of the garden path, so she could follow this and anticipate where the bend and steps up would be. The resident is delighted with the improvements and is feeling more confident about being out and about again.

If you have an unusual problem, or need some practical help and support around the home, give the Community Responders a call on 03333 408218 or email