Dunmow Community Fridge needs help with picking up food from local suppliers and stocking and maintaining the fridge.

Food waste is a big issue in the UK. It is estimated that a third of all food gets wasted. Most of this is avoidable and could have been eaten had it been better managed.

The Dunmow Community Fridge, run by St Mary’s Church, Great Dunmow, with the support of Uttlesford Community Action Network, will help cut food waste and build stronger bonds within the community. Once the food has been collected from our project partners, it can then be offered free of charge to anyone wishing to visit the Community Fridge.

Community Fridge Volunteers are responsible for the collection of food from our suppliers, currently located in the Dunmow area. At present, these collections are made from 8.30am and the fridge stocked shortly thereafter. The Volunteers ensure the fridge is appropriately stocked, cleaned and maintained. Very basic record keeping (such as fridge temperature) is required.

Volunteers can be flexible on their availability. The fridge is open from Monday to Friday and volunteers are encouraged to co-ordinate their availability with others Community Fridge Volunteers already on the rota. The role should take no more than an hour a day.

To find out more:

T: 01371 404525

E: volunteer@ucan.org.uk